Tech Office : Cafe Seating

I recently started working on an office renovation project. The scope includes designing a new addition to the existing office building and revamping the social spaces. Last week, we presented our design ideas for the new kitchen and seating area. Happily, our ideas were well received and we’re moving forward with the design! 


Below, you can see the proposed floorplan. By providing many different types of seating options we hope to craft a space that will be used throughout the entire day, not just during mealtimes. A long bar height table is shown next to a window looking out onto the patio. I saw this type of seating everywhere when I was living in Chicago and it was a great place to sit and watch the activity unfold on the sidewalk. Next, a communal table for lunch as a large group. Many employees stick around during lunchtime and like to eat together at the large table in their current kitchen. Below that, a flexible seating area is shown. Cafe tables can be pushed together and pulled apart as needed. This area is intended to be constantly moving and changing, even pushed to the side at times to make room for foldable game tables. Lastly, a grouping of individual soft chairs is a place where you can go to focus, read a paper, work on your laptop or take a phone call. The mesh panels on three sides of the chair provide even more privacy for the user.