Tech Office : Mother’s Room

While exploring the office space in preparation for the kitchen renovation, I came across a mother’s room in dire need of a little TLC. Cramped, poorly lit and uncomfortable, I decided to make the case for it’s improvement. It turns out, there would be four women returning from mat leave by the end of the summer! It was the perfect time to invest in the space. 


Needed was a solution where two women could use the space at the same time, and have privacy from each other as well as the outside corridor when the door was opened to let someone in or out. A sink and mini fridge were essential, as well as some kind of storage cabinet for an informal children's clothes swap that the employees have created. 



the existing plan



Phase one opens up the space by removing the shower enclosure and cabinetry unit. This makes room for two lounge chairs and side tables, divided by felt covered panels. The lightweight panels provide needed privacy and noise control, and are attached to each other by zippers, making it easy to rearrange as needed. An inexpensive, freestanding storage unit fits in beside the sink, replacing that which was removed. 



Phase two will be completed at the time of the kitchen renovation. Here, we remove the remaining cabinetry and build a new unit along the back wall to match the kitchen area. This will include a storage cabinet, sink and changing station with mini fridge below. The flooring and ceiling material will be upgraded and the furniture can be relocated along the side wall.