Tech Office : Restroom

Before starting this project, I hadn’t given the design of public restrooms too much thought. Sure, some were better than others but I rarely took note of the qualities that made it so. Throughout this process, I’ve learned that a lot more effort goes into designing a comfortable restroom than one might think! Between code issues, choosing the right fixtures and accessories, thinking about durability and privacy, there was a lot to resolve. The goal was to create a clean and calm design which could become the standard for the company. We stuck with a neutral palette of materials and added warmth with light wood elements. 


At the vanity, a wood surround aligns with the edge of the countertop and covers both side walls and the ceiling. The wood is offset from the mirrored wall to provide a cove for subtle lighting in this area. Undermount sinks blend in with a solid surface countertop and modern faucets are mounted directly to the mirrored wall. Drawers below the countertop provide an integrated storage space. 


At the fixture wall, the tile is interrupted by a band of wood. Within this, a recessed wood shelf is located above each fixture. Perfect for a phone, keys or whatever you might carry in with you to the bathroom.