Color Theory : Westborough House

A few months ago, I helped my sister with some paint selections for her new house. The idea was to keep it light and clean with gray tones throughout the entire space. I arrived armed with a pile of samples and some sketch paper and we got to work. In my opinion, it is imperative that you look at paint samples in the actual room you’re choosing them for. The color you see on the wall is affected by many variables including the amount of light in the space and the orientation of the surface. I like to leave the biggest samples I can find in the rooms and encourage my clients to live with it for a week or so before making a decision.


Our strategy here was to use a cool, gray toned white upon entering the house through the kitchen and draw your eye toward the back with a slightly darker shade. We selected a hint of green for the bathroom and a hint of blue for the master bedroom. Very subtle. All of the trim was refreshed with a bright semi-gloss white and the hardwood floors refinished with a natural stain. Pictures of the finished product below, all credit for decor goes to my sister, she has great style!